Friday, October 31, 2014

Hauntings in the Garden Day 5

Since it is Halloween, I thought you deserved more than just one book today.....

The House
by Lara Parker

  Unexpectedly, Leslie Harrison inherits a sprawling horse farm in Florida from a distant relative. She packs up her life and relocates to the Sunshine State with no idea what awaits her. Upon her arrival, she meets the farm manager, Preston McClay and, to her chagrin, he isn’t happy to see her. Quickly the cantankerous, but rather good looking, farm manager becomes the least of her worries when things start to go bump in the night. Will the sinister activity in the house chase Leslie away, or will she prevail in the struggle between good and evil?  
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Witch's Tattoo
by Eliza March

Michael Veret, Acadian coven leader, knows his destiny lies with his soul mate, the witch with the ability to restore the power of the Pentacle, a  power needed to release the coven's spirit gifts, but his heart belongs to the young grad student he can't have.

On her birthday Lisette Bouchard discovers the legacy her parents died for. She's a powerful witch, with no training, no mentor, and no coven. Her on and off again relationship with Michael is over...until she discovers he's the warlock who must approve her membership. When she finds out they are also soul mates destined to fulfill the pentacle’s prophecy, Lisette isn't certain she wants destiny ruling her love life.

What she is certain of is she wants Michael to love her for herself and not because he needs her for her power. Will Michael be able to prove he’s loved her all along before evil steals her away?

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Crimson Summer

by Celia Farrell

What Carrick County’s powerful Phelan family want, they usually get, whether that’s land like the Fitzgerald farm, or women, like the Fitzgerald girls. Handsome Liam can’t tempt Ranalt, whose heart belongs to neighbour Colin Sweeney. But his older brother Rory attracts her sister Lacey like a magnet draws steel.When the boys and their father Patrick visit Joe and Sheila Fitzgerald with a mysterious offer, all hell breaks loose. A furious Joe orders the Phelans off his property and away from his daughters, warning he knows what to do about ‘their kind’. Soon afterwards, Fitzgerald fences are slashed and cattle lie torn apart. Coincidence or cause for fear?There are secrets in Carrick County people don’t dare reveal. But Ranalt will risk everything to protect her family, the man she loves and the little girl she adores. Each turn of the summer moon brings danger and in the shadows, something waits...

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Witch Familiar?
by Dayana Knight

Breanna McShae is a practicing green witch—harm to none, do as you will is the mantra she lives by. She must seek a familiar as her powers have reached peak and grounding does not pull enough of her magick back.  After performing a ritual asking the Goddess to provide her with her given familiar, she finds she has two animals vying for her attentions—a wolf and a raven.  The catch is one of them is the love of life and the other devastating trouble—a sikkqui—a creature that can assume any shape and sucks the very essence of human spirit and soul out leaving none but death and destruction behind.  The only way to destroy it is too perform a dark ritual, which is taboo for a green witch.  Her biggest problem is to figure out which animal is the sikkqui and then go against her very nature to destroy it without destroying herself and the shifter who has captured her heart.

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Caper Magic
by Veronica Lynch

P.I. Nick Forrester comes to Cape Brendan ostensibly to assist with Caper Madness, a month-long celebration of everything Halloween. In reality he is tracking a woman on the run. Within days he is confronted by Annunciata Doyle, a vivid reminder of a pain-filled past.

After retreating to Cape Brendan in defeat and humiliation, Nunie Doyle's only hope was to make the best of forced retirement. There, in this quaint tourist town on the shores of Lake Ontario, she earned the love and respect of new friends and neighbors—and put her talent for helping women to good use.

With the mutual goal of making Caper Madness the best ever, Nicke and Nunie fight tooth and nail on the personal level, each discovering a new side to the other, sides that make them consider making drastic changes for the rest of their lives.

This attraction: Is it complete madness-- or sheer magic?

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hauntings in the Garden Day 4

by Anne Knol  
It’s hard to fit in when you’re suspected of murder. It’s even harder to lay past ghosts to rest.
Events organiser Maggie Ballater has a new career, a new Island home and a new life and intends to make the most of it. But two things stand in her way. One is the dangerously attractive guitarist who brings back past memories she’d rather forget. The other is the inexplicable murder of the lead actor in her ShriekWeek pageant.
     Bram Jenkins wants to clear his name after being imprisoned for a crime he swears he did not commit. He has no time to be distracted by an opinionated woman he  suspects of working for his enemy.

     Solving the ShriekWeek murder means they both have to face up to the past before they can lay their ghosts to rest and find out whether they have a future.
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     She felt rather than saw someone watching her.
Breath caught in her throat, but there was nothing to be frightened of. Bram leant propped on the door jamb, his right ankle crossed slackly over the left.
     “Sorry I’m late finishing.” She hated how teenage she sounded. “Are you waiting to set up class in here?”
     “Just came to see you.” He wandered in, picked up worksheets and laid them down again, stopped at the dominoes and started matching the words to the pictures.
     She had to apologize. She had rehearsed what she was going to say often enough. She cleared her throat, suddenly thick with nerves. “I wanted to say sorry about last night. I didn’t mean—”
     He waved a hand dismissively. “No worries.
Forgotten.” But his eyes when she looked were
shuttered and told a different story.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hauntings in the Garden Day 3

Caster's Unfriendly Ghost
by Alicia Dean

A year after her husband’s death, Emily Tillman is ready to start dating again, and hopefully, find what she’s always wanted—marriage and children. But the man who broke her heart five years ago is back. And he’s anything but the marrying kind. Confirmed bachelor Reese Caster is perfectly content with his life—and he’s finally over Emily, the one woman who almost made him commit. Now, his world is rocked when her dead husband shows up, demanding that Reese pursue Emily to keep her out of the clutches of her latest suitor—a jerk who is only after her money. Being around Emily again has made Reese reconsider his bachelor life style. But now that the threat of the other man is gone, the pesky ghost wants Reese to break things off. Can he and Emily find the love they were denied, or will the ghost of her dead husband destroy their chances?

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“Emily is the kind of woman you have to take things slowly with.”
“Sure, if this was real. But you have to step it up, turn on the charm. You need to show you care, that you know her, buy her things that she loves. Her favorite flowers are white roses, she loves dark chocolate, and her favorite wine is Merlot. You need to move in on her, hard.”
Caster gave a humorless laugh and shook his head. “Do you hear yourself? You were her husband, for God’s sake. Have some respect.”
Joey’s face flushed. “I do respect her. That’s why I don’t want this asshole putting one over on her. She deserves to find someone who will truly love her and give her the things I couldn’t.”
A note of pain in his voice almost made Caster feel sorry for him. But not as sorry as he felt for the family who lost a loved one less than half an hour ago. “Listen, I’ve performed back to back surgeries today, and had my night capped off by an emergency surgery that ended with a young girl’s death. So, you’ll understand why I’m not in the mood for this right now.”
“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about that. My concern is with Emily. And I need you to follow through with your end of the deal.”
“Deal, my ass. You blackmailed me into going along with this bullshit. Well, I’m out. I’ll finish the haunted forest thing, but no more of this romancing Emily crap. I can’t use her like that, I can’t break her heart again.”
“Break her heart? You sound pretty sure she’ll fall for you. My, my. Someone’s full of himself.”
Caster stood and stalked to the door. “Look, I don’t know if she will or not, I just know I can’t do this any longer. You can destroy everything I own, keep me up every night for the rest of my life, but I’m done.”
He put his hand on the door, but Joey’s voice stopped him. “I’ll tell her.”
Caster paused and turned to face him. “You’ll what?”
“Not only will I continue to screw with you, even on the job, but I’ll appear to Emily, tell her about our little scheme. What do you think she’ll think of you then?”
“You’re bluffing. You wouldn’t hurt her like that.”
Joey shook his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them, they were suspiciously damp. “I don’t want to. But I’ll do anything to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life.”
Caster let out a resigned sigh and shook his head. “Nah, getting mixed up with the two of us was the biggest mistake of her life.”

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hauntings in the Garden Day 2

Unlocked Treasure
by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Will a prophecy keep a lonely woman from accepting the promise of adventure?


Aleen MacRae blames the lure of the sea for breaking apart first her family then her engagement. When her interest is caught by a man she sees both in person and in a dream, she resists—afraid to believe in her aunt’s prediction that her future is tied to the sea.
Braden Williams is on the hunt for treasure buried centuries earlier by Rhode Island pirates. His search brings him to the property where Aleen lives. Collaboration on genealogy research draws them closer, and Braden steers her toward his true passion--sailing.
Attending a party with Braden’s family lets her glimpse what she’s been missing. An unexpected discovery before her date with Braden at the Halloween Midnight Organ Recital forces a decision. Will Aleen play things safe or accept what this free-spirited man offers?
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Ah, the story of her life—practically invisible. The reminder his first sighting had been of her bikini-clad backside made her blush. Still didn’t change the facts. Aleen squared her shoulders. “I remember, but the Manor grounds are still closed.” Should she be nervous about being alone with this stranger, especially one who ignored posted rules?
Sorry for the intrusion. Let me start over.” Smiling, he approached and extended his right hand. “My name’s Braden Williams.”
Aleen bit her lower lip, but accepted his hand. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Aleen MacRae.” At the moment their hands clasped, she felt warmth flooding her fingers. With a jerk, she released her grip, tingling sensations running along her skin. Immediately, the scent of fresh air and summer breezes wafted her way. Definitely a man of the sea. Just where I foretold your future lies. Whispers of her great-aunt Zsofika’s prophecy trickled through Aleen’s thoughts. At the memory, her cheeks flamed with heat.
Wow.” Frowning, Braden flexed his hand and narrowed his gaze then dropped it to his flexing fingers. “That was bizarre.”
Static electricity, from all that wind yesterday.” A reasonable explanation. In the back of her mind, Aleen could hear Zsofika scoff, “Static schmatic. A connection like that is destiny.”
Well…” His gaze searched her face. “Aleen—hey, that’s pretty, like the direction alee.” A wide smile exposed even teeth.
Her own smile dimmed. Like I’ve never heard that before. “Thanks.” This guy was not charming his way around the rules. “Sorry, but you’ll need to come back when the gardens are open for visitors. That’s Wednesdays through—”
Yeah, I read the sign.” He gave a dismissive wave then turned to gaze back at the main house. “But I just needed five minutes to check out some dimensions and the lot layout.”
So, you woke up this morning and just decided to start out your week by trespassing?”

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Hauntings in the Garden Day 1

As part of The Wild Rose Press' new Hauntings in the Garden Halloween series, I have a number of special ladies joining me this week.  Come back every day to read about a great new story in the series and enter our Rafflecopter giveaway!

Love Her Like the Devil

A chance meeting in a honky tonk on Halloween finds Luke in the arms of a brown-haired beauty. But if the stories he overhears are true, she may be far more than she seems...and he's more than ready to find out.

Available from The Wild Rose Press and most major ebook distributors!

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine Winners!

From our wonderful hostess Mackenzie Crowne:

"Drum roll please! Many thanks to all of you who visited the various stops on our Honky Tonk Hearts Valentine Hop. I speak for all the authors who wish you all could be winners, but alas, that's not the case. So, without further ado, here are our grand prize winners.

Gus' door prize of a TWRP Mug goes to...Calisa Rhose for her comment on Jannine Gallant's post.

The $25 publisher's prize TWRP gift card goes to...bn100 for her comment on Sylvie Kaye's post.

And the $50 authors' prize TWRP gift card goes to...Debby(236) for her comment on Donna Michaels' post.

Congratulations ladies!"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Honky Tonk Blog Hop

Ladies, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking old Gus, owner of The Lonesome Steer honky tonk couldn’t have brought together all the lonely, broken hearts that he did. But I’m here to tell you I have. Not only do I have the pictures of these couples in my office to prove it, but there’s been a whole series of romances written about the men and women who found love at The Lonesome Steer. And just like every one of my couples, each of these romances is a keeper. 

The authors of these books have put together a Valentine Honky Tonk Blog Hop, an easy way for you to get a sneak peak at every story. And there are prizes to put a bounce in your Texan Two-Step. To be Eligible, visit each blog link below and leave a comment. The more hop stops you visit and comment on, the more chances YOU have to win a $50 gift card to The Wild Rose Press. In addition, the publisher has provided a second grand prize of a $25 gift card to The Wild Rose Press and a TWRP Mug for a random commenter (Sorry, US visitors only for the mug prize). Some of the ladies will also be giving away their own personal prizes. So whatcha waitin’ for? Happy hoppin’! 

Lonesome Cowboy
Honky Tonk Hearts


Readjusting the tan Stetson on his head, Marshall grabbed a napkin with the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk logo etched onto its surface, tamped down the muscle-tightening sensation the best he could and headed to the end of the bar.

He leaned over and slid the square across the worn oak. “Looks like you could use another of these.”

The bar lights illuminated the woman’s dark auburn strands as delicate fingers reached up to pull back the silky locks.

His lips tilted at the hint of soft skin. “What can I get to put a smile on that pretty fa—”

Facing him fully, her tentative hazel gaze stopped him cold.


The burning sensation intensified, vise-gripped his shoulders and clenched his jaw so tight his gasp of air was sucked through flared nostrils.

“Hey, Marshall.” Her quiet voice dispelled from soft bow-lips on a painfully familiar, heart-shaped face.

The very last face he thought he’d ever see again.

A squeal of the microphone as someone adjusted the karaoke machine snapped him out of his shock, and he slammed up straight, fingers fisted atop the shellacked wood. He forced his gaze away to gain some control, but the dancing bodies and clack of balls on the pool tables only added to the sudden chaos that attacked his mind and body.

“What are you doing here?”

She hesitated a moment before saying, “I’m visiting Andee over in Redemption for a few days.”

Marshall pressed his lips together until his teeth threatened to break through the skin. He knew her cousin owned the cafĂ© in the small town about forty-five minutes up the highway. Only once—by accident—had he gone in for breakfast after working at his buddy Chase’s place nearby. Though he’d only met her once, he’d instantly recognized Andee coming out of the kitchen. The minute Chase told him she was the new owner, he’d made quick excuses and hightailed it out of there, not needing the reminder of—

“So, I, uh, guess you’re a little surprised to see me.”

Her words pulled his attention back as a tick pulsed in his jaw, preventing any speech. Probably a good thing, because the only words that came to mind were venomous…or worse, pathetic.

His gaze scoured her tight features. Slightly rounder than he remembered, the curves lent a new softness to her face, making her even prettier than the images scarred on his memory.

No. He wasn’t going there. She’d made her choice two years ago...the wrong choice.

With one last, involuntary sweep, he wrenched his gaze away and turned. This was one patron he wouldn’t serve, never again.


Cool fingers grabbed his arm, freezing him to the spot.


The pleading voice coursed through him, and he clenched his teeth against the instinctive desire to turn back. Don’t do it, man. The clench of his jaw became painful, but it was as if his feet were cemented to the dark linoleum behind the bar.


His skin burned beneath her cool grasp. Dammit. Every fiber of his being fought the battle between turning back and running like hell.

Down at the other end of the bar, past a busy Keira serving customers, Gus gave him a concerned dip of his salt-and-pepper brow.

Dammit all. He didn’t know what was worse, facing Amy, or having to explain to his boss and mentor the reason for his utter lack of customer service to this particular patron. He’d worked for the old man since he was sixteen, after high school, on and off between rodeo circuits and full time for the last couple years—the man was more a father figure than his own had ever been. He owed Gus a lot, respected him like no other, but this was one piece of humiliating history he had no intention of sharing.

Marshall swung back around, discreetly yanking from her haunting touch to cross both arms over his chest. The wild pulse of his heartbeat vibrated against his corded forearm.

“What do you want, Amy?” he managed to utter through clenched teeth.

Her hand had returned to the twisted napkin and she glanced around the place. “Is there somewhere we can talk for a minute?”

Hell no.

He leaned back against the second cash register until the lip of the drawer dug into his backside. Marshall forced his jaw to relax. “Here’s fine.” Why should he be the only one uncomfortable?

Her rose lips pressed into a thin line. “Fine. I guess I really can’t blame you for being…angry.”

She fidgeted with the straps of her floral sundress. The sweetheart neckline exposed just enough of her ripened breasts to make his jaw re-tense. Though the high bar blocked everything below, he was sure the skirt would be short, showing a teasing amount of those sleek and sexy legs.

God, she’s still beautiful.

Other parts of his anatomy instantly tightened and he hid his further—and painfully annoying—discomfort behind a forced casual cross of his ankles.

Marshall hoped she got to the point soon, because it was taking all his effort to stand there. The gall of the woman showing up like this out of the blue. What had she expected? That he’d welcome her with open arms and catch up like old friends…as if she never destroyed him?

She winced and twisted slightly with a hand to her back. He raised a brow at the motion, but stopped himself. Just like the nervous habit of shredding the napkin that she’d never had before, he didn’t care. Wouldn’t care. Look what it got me the first time ’round.

Amy dipped her chin to stare at the crumpled paper. “I came to…I just wanted to…to apologize.”

“Fine,” he clipped and pushed off the register.

“Wait, that’s it?” Her tone held annoyed disbelief.

“Yep. You apologized. We’re done.”

Marshall, please.”

The put-out tone in her voice snapped his tightly reined control. “What?” He spun back on her. “What do you want, Amy? Do you want me to say, ‘Hey no problem”—he waved a hand in the air, mimicking a friendly gesture—“forgive and forget, how ’bout we do lunch sometime?’ Well sorry, darlin’, ain’t gonna happen.” He splayed his hands wide on the bar top, leaning in until he could feel the heat radiating off her reddened cheeks. “I came back from five months on the circuits with a buckle, a key, and a ring in my pocket, only to find out you were already married. Tell me, Amy, which part of that sounds easy to forget, let alone forgive?”

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